Se vores udvalg af kurser indenfor transport & lager

Se vores udvalg af kurser indenfor transport & lager

Courses in English

AMU-Fyn offers the following courses in English.
Do you consider taking the course?: 
Please contact consultant Mikal Petersen - phone no. 29 67 50 56 / - for further information or sign up at the link below.
Do you consider taking the course Forklift or telehandler?
Please contact course secretary Heidi Wallstrøm - phone no. 63 13 53 00 / - and she will help you sign up for the course. It is also possible for you to sign up by following the link below, but please note that text is in danish.

IMPORTANT information for your course participation:
In connection with the courses for Truck/lorries, ADR, bus, taxi, OST+BAB, crane, forklift and stacker, a written test must be taken in “Multitest”. To log in to the test, you need to use NEM-ID (key card) and that´s why it´s IMPORTANT, that you bring your NEM-ID on the day of the test. AMU-Fyn will not be able to help you, if you don´t bring your NEM-ID. If you don´t have NEM-ID, you need to order one, well in advance 

Please also read the enclosed information material, then you are informed about the conditions that apply to your participation. In addition, there will be various practical information to be found in the attached “WELCOME TO AMU-Fyn”.

If you leave the school before the end of the teaching period during your education, please inform the teacher, for the purpose of payment compensation. 

Application for VEU allowance and transport subsidy/allowance.                                               
If you are entitled to VEU allowance and transport subsidy, then this is applied for via: If you receive a salary during the course, then your employer will apply for the allowance.

Accommodation                                                                                                                                               If you have more than 120 km on a roundtrip between your home address and the place of education, then you have the opportunity to be accommodated. However, we must point out that, there will be no subsidy for board and lodging. If you have completed/been employed with a higher education within the last 5 years. Contact the school for further information.

Possible cancellation
If you are prevented from attending the course, PLEASE notify AMU-Fyn immediately.

More information
Please bring paper and pencil for your own consumption. You are offered to test your skills in Danish/mathematics (screening). Report back, if you want to take advantage of this offer.

If you have any questions, you are of course welcome to contact us, phone 66 13 66 70 / mail