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Working environment and safety for welding and thermal cutting - § 17 (§ 26)


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Working environment and safety for welding and thermal cutting - § 17 (§ 26)


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If you are working with welding and thermal cutting, you must have a mandatory occupational safety and health education programme.

You will learn about the health and safety related conditions and the necessary protective measures by welding, thermal cutting and grinding related to this, so that you can plan and carry out the work safely in relation to health and safety.

Please notice: The course includes a few practical exercises, which you will carry out on your own as "near workplace"-exercises. A module is included in the course, which explains how you easily carry out the practical exercises.

Statistics show, that students usually completes this course within 5 hours (+/- 30 minutes depending on your own pace and progress).

You can complete this course with a high degree of flexibility:

- Whenever you want to – including evenings, weekends and holidays
- At home, at work or anywhere with access to the internet
- On PC, Mac, tables or smartphones
- At your own pace

You will go through 11 modules. The last module is a test module, where you must answer 13 out of 15 questions correctly to pass the course. You have 5 attempts.